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Theme Days

World Book Day 2024


As part of our world book day celebrations pupils in KS3 chose a period of history to focus our day around. 

Hawkin Class- Victorians

Attenborough Class - Egyptians

Rashford Class - Vikings

The pupils had a great day dressing up and taking part in lots o activities around their theme. 






Black History Month October 2021

In October 2021 Moor Hey celebrated Black History Month. Activities were differentiated accordingly, taking into account individual learning needs, styles as well as having a cross curricular approach.


 In EYFS and Primary, the classes were given a picture book to support their learning. In Donaldson class learners listened to the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ before tasting the different fruits from the story.  They also made their own African necklaces.  In Rosen class, the learners listened to the Kenyan tale ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. Learners really enjoyed making their own pancakes! Dahl class listened to an African version of Rapunzel of Rapunzel before making their own Rapunzel peg doll based on the story. They also made their own African masks.


KS3 / KS4

In KS3 learners learnt about some significant black individuals who changed the world, Examples of significant individuals included Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Learners learnt about the racism they encountered and how they stood up for their individual rights. Art was created to accompany their learning.

Australia Day 2021

In January 2021 Moor Hey School had their own Australia Day , coinciding with the official day in Australia. This came about after we established a link with a primary school in New South Wales.  We completed lots of differentiated activities to support our learning which included exploring and identifying the different Australian animals, Aboriginal art as well as preparing and tasting some Australian food including Fairy Bread and Damper Bread.  KS3 even emailed the school in Australia  before receiving a reply and asked lots of interesting questions such as:


-What is the weather like in Australia?

-Do you have to wear a school uniform?

-What time do you start / finish school ?

-How do you celebrate Australia Day?