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Applebee Wood Community Specialist School

Respect, Belonging, Trust, Resilience, Aspiration

Primary (Dahl and Ion)

Geography 'My town and Me'

During the topic of 'My town and Me' we learnt about our locality. We later designed our own towns and thought of the different buildings we found in a town . We made our own junk models of these buildings. We also used our map skills to design our own towns with a key.

History -'London's Burning'

During 'London Burning ' we looked at how London had changed and that houses a long time ago were made out of wood and straw. We found out that the Great Fire was caused by an oven in Pudding Lane and that the fire spread easily because the houses were made of wood, built close together as well as being a very windy! During the topic we made our own Stuart houses out of lolly sticks and used marbling to create the firey background. We also wrote a letter to King Charles asking for a change in the building of  houses as well as making our own bread using the recipe of the time. It was quite salty!

History 'The Smashing Saxons'

Ion class have been learning all about The Anglo Saxons. We found out where they came from and why they invaded Britain. After making a timeline of the events we explored Anglo- Saxon artefacts, looked at Anglo Saxons homes and way of life, as well as designing our own Anglo Saxon buckles and shields.