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Humanities (Geography / History)

Humanities (Geography / History)


Humanities is a fundamental subject as it helps individuals become familiar with the environment and the world they are a part of as well as establishing how the world has evolved to what we know today.


EYFS / KS1 - Sensory/Semi-formal (Donaldson, Rosen, Park and Ion) 

In Donaldson and Rosen Class they learn about Humanities through a thematic and sensory approach , especially in the stand of ‘Understanding  of the World’.  Topics to support the understanding of humanities include ‘Come dine with me’ and ‘Whatever the Weather’. Examples of work can be seen on the link below.


KS2 - Formal (Dahl)

Dahl class and Ion class are taught Humanities through a topic , with Dahl class following KS1 objectives and Ion Class following KS2 objectives. The topics encompass a range of other subjects to support their learning which include  English and Drama links and Art and Design.  Examples can be seen on the link below.


KS3 – Formal ( Attenborough, Rashford  and Peake)

In Year 7 and Year 8 the classes of Rashford and Peake have a discrete Geography / History which alternate half termly. The objectives are taken from the remainder of the KS2 curriculum with learners following a formal pathway. The curriculum i also in chronological order for the learners to support their concept of time. 

 Year 9 focus on History which is accredited through the AQA unit awards.  Most learners are working at Entry Level.


KS3 – Semi Formal (Scott and Brunel )

Scott Class (Year 7/ 8) are taught Humanities but follows more of a primary topic model. Geography and History are taught alternatively each half term and a sensory approach is encouraged for learners. Brunel are also taught Humanities and are assed using the AQA units, with most learners working at Pre-Entry Level.



Geography is taught in KS4 with a formal and semi-formal pathway.


KS4 – Formal ( Hawking and Bowie)

Formal learners are assessed using the ASDAN accreditation. Most learners are working at Bronze level with a focus on improving the local environment.


KS4 – Semi Formal (Bevan)

The Semi Formal learners continue to work on the accredited AQA units, with most learners continuing to work at pre-entry level.  Examples of units include the United Kingdom , weather and Europe.