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Attention Autism


At Applebee Wood we strive to make all learning irresistible to make our children want to get involved.  Attention Autism, is an intervention that aims to develop children’s attention, communication, interaction and learning skills through the use of visual and motivating activities.  It all starts with interest; once our children are interested our learning can begin! 


There are four stages to Attention Autism: 

  1. Stage 1 ‘Attention Bucket’.  The aim of this stage is to focus attention.  

  2. Stage 2-‘Attention Builder’.  The aim of this stage is to sustain attention. 

  3. Stage 3 ‘Interactive Game’. The aim of this stage is to shift the attention and incorporates turn- taking. 

  4. Stage 4 ‘Individual activities’. The aim of this stage is to focus and sustain attention in a group, then transition shifting attention to individual activity and then refocus on the group. 

At Applebee Wood we have Attention Autism sessions in a range of classes.  We teach a wide range of topics and subjects using this fascinating approach and the children love it! 



Attention Autism