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Applebee Wood Community Specialist School

Respect, Belonging, Trust, Resilience, Aspiration

Morpurgo Class

Class Teacher: 

Miss Mason


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Holland

Miss Iddon

Mrs Holding

Mr Harrison


Our class has 9 children; 7 boys and 2 girls. We are working on the Pre Key Stage Standards and are a pre formal class. We learn through lots of hands on activities that support our sensory needs. 


Have a look at what we get up too each week!

Our topics

Spring 2 - Weeks 1-6


Happy Easter Morpurgo Class, have a look at the Easter learning and activities we have been up to over the last few weeks. 


Have a wonderful break at home ready to come back to school raring to go for the summer term. 


See you all on Monday 15th April. 


Morpurgo Class Team


Makaton Topic - Easter - Singing Hands

5 Little Easter Eggs - Singing Hands makaton

Spring 1 week 5 


What a super finish to the half term! 


We have started our new topic 'Field to fork' and we have learnt lots about where food comes from and what we eat. 


In literacy we have been reading the story 'The Enormous Turnip' and we have done lots of work around the story. We started off with a hook to the book by having a ginormous turnip, rope and soil. We learnt about how all the characters struggled to pull the turnip out of the soil. We then did some activities around the story including our colourful semantics work by making sentences and using language around the story including 'turnip, man, pull, ready steady go'. In phonics this week the phase 2 group have been focusing on the sounds 'g' and 'o' and have played the alphabet soup game with the tins and phase 3 group have focused on 'ch and sh' making words like, chop, chin, chip, ship, shop. 


In maths this week and last week we focused on 'Capacity' and we learnt about 'full, half full and empty'. We used different containers to represent capacity and filled these up with pasta. We enjoyed exploring, pouring and tipping the contents to practice modelling the key language. 


In topic this week we have learnt about where our food comes from. On Monday we did an activity about making our own vegetables patches and learnt about which vegetables grow in the ground. On Tuesday in cooking we practiced our chopping, scooping and peeling skills using different fruits like strawberry, kiwi and oranges. We then had these as toppings on our pancakes. On Wednesday in PSHE we learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods and we explored what these look like and also which foods are our favourites. On Thursday in outdoor learning we met a very special reptile called Bamboo the Bearded dragon, we learnt about the food she eats such as critters and vegetables, some of us even stroked her! On Friday we enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by having a feast and trying different foods such as noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. 


smileyOur pupil of the week is Maddisonsmiley


Have a lovely half term break Morpurgo Class and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 19th February. 


Miss Mason & the team. 

Mr Tumble - The Enormous Turnip

Spring 1 week 3


What another lovely week we have had in Morpurgo Class. We have started our new topic 'Superheroes'. 


In literacy this week we have been reading - "How to be a superhero" - Little Golden Books. We enjoyed finding out about the different powers a superhero has and we have done lots of activities around the story. Miss Mason did a hook to the story on Monday, she got some magic power dust and sprinkled this on the superheroes to help them fly. Then we did a colourful semantics activity focusing on the page when the superhero flew to the sky, we used communication boards and made our own sentences. In phonics this week phase 2 have focused on 'i, n' initial sound bags and phase 3 have focused on building CVC words with y, z sounds. 


In maths this week we have working on numicon patterns to 5, 10 and some of us in our teen numbers to 20. We looked at patterns within a number including 10 and 1 more is 11 and looking at the pattern, whilst some of us used coloured pompoms to represent the quantity up to 5. 


In topic this week, we have done some fantastic learning. On Monday we made ourselves into superheroes and some of us chose what superpowers we'd have. On Tuesday in cooking, we decorated our own gingerbread superheroes, we used different ingredients such as laces for the belt and stars for the costume and in PE, we focused on more throwing skills in a variety of ways including using bean bags to a target, coloured hoops and foam rockets. On Wednesday in PSHE we focused on good and not good choices, we could all look at the pictures to help us visually understand which choices they are, some of us read these to our teachers. On Thursday for forest school with Mrs Birtwell we made kites and took them outside, we enjoyed watching them fly in the wind. On Friday, in RE we have carried on with our Chinese New Year topic and made lanterns using red, orange and yellow colours to collage.


smileyOur pupil of the week is Levismiley


Please find attached the homework map for our new topic, which has also been posted on Seesaw. 


Have a super weekend Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason & the team. 

Homework map - Spring 1 week 3&4


Spring 1 week 2 


We've had a super week in Morpurgo Class. We have finished our topic about colour and we have really enjoyed this! 


In literacy this week we finished off reading 'Elmer' and did some more activities around the story. In colourful semantics we focused on the scene where the rain drops on Elmer and the berry juice comes off and reveals it is him. Miss Mason did an attention autism activity with an elephant, paints and water. We all enjoyed watching the paint go on Elmer and then Miss Mason washing him with water. We then did our colourful semantics activity using communication boards and building sentences about this scene from the story. Later in the week we did our phonics work, the phase 2 group focused on 't, p' initial sounds sensory bag and pictures and phase 3 built CVC words with the sounds 'w' and 'x'. We did really well with our phonics and enjoyed watching the Yakka Dee sounds episode. In communication we recapped on our singing hands - makaton signs for colours. 


In maths this week we have focused on colour patterns within 2D shapes, we all worked super hard on this and some of us could use the shape visuals and real-life shapes to build a repeated pattern between up to 2 and 3 shapes. On Tuesday, some of us did a 2D pattern worksheet and the rest of us built pattern towers using two different coloured cubes. We have also worked on our individual maths targets this week, including taking away from 9, number bonds to 5 and one less from 5. 


In topic this week, we have had lots of fun! We did an experiment mixing coloured paints and learning about key knowledge such as 'mixing, primary colours'. One of us even asked what a secondary colour is! On Tuesday we made pattern kebabs using strawberry, bananas and mini pancakes. We also enjoyed our snow day and spent short bursts outside, we were all very sensible and wore our wellies and coats. On Wednesday in topic, we finished off our Colour monster activity in PSHE, we used pipe cleaners to make coloured feeling jars, linking to each monsters' feelings. On Thursday, we enjoyed forest school in class and our sensory engines activities going to the sensory, and light and sound room. On Friday, in messy play with Mrs Birtwell we enjoyed making colours of the rainbow with fruit skewers and fruit pastel lollies. In Friday topic we have started looking at the celebration for 'Chinese New Year' we all made marks and wrote our own names in Chinese. 


smileyOur pupil of the week is John.smiley


Have a lovely Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason and the team.

Sing it Sign it 'Colours all around' Makaton

Learning about Primary colour mixing - Sesame Studios

Spring 1 week 1 


Happy New Year Morpurgo Class. 

A very warm welcome back to school and raring to go with our learning. Our new topic for the next two weeks is “Colour". 


In Literacy this week we have been reading the story "Elmer" by David McKee. We loved the part when Elmer shouted BOO and made all the other elephants jump! We have done some activities around the story including our colourful semantics, making sentences about parts of the story and some of us used communication boards to name specific parts of the story I.e, elephant, jungle, colours. In phonics this week, the phase 2 group are recapping 's and a' initial sounds using exploration bags to match the items and the phase 3 group have looked at 'j and v' making CVC words and writing them. We have also been learning about how to be independent with our routines, such as putting our own belongings in the places, i.e. bottle in the box, our visual board has helped us with this.


In maths this week we have started to look at patterns within numbers. We have used our numicon to order in a sequence and recognise a pattern, we used the peg boards to help us with this. Then some of used visual cards with this concept to add an additional challenge. 


In topic this week we have been very crafty and colourful. On Monday, we made our own colour wheels, learning about a colour in each segment before mixing them. We all worked really hard on our creations. On Tuesday in cooking, we made Elmer crispy cakes and we used a different technique of rolling the rice krispies and chocolate and then cutting our elephants with a cutter and adding smarties for colour. In PE we started our new MATP focus for the half term; ball skills. We started this by rolling a ball in a direction towards a target, like skittles. On Wednesday, we worked on our individual targets and in PSHE we listened to the colour monster story linking to different emotions and feelings through colour and decorated our own colour monsters. In forest schools with Mrs Birtwell, we began to look at the next season to follow which is spring, listening to songs. On Friday in communication, we used Singing hands to learn new makaton signs for colours and in topic we decorated our own Elmer collages. 


The homework mindmap and learning links for the next two weeks have been posted on Seesaw and are below.


smileyOur star of the week is: Maddisonsmiley


Have a lovely weekend Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason & the team

Spring 1 week 1 and 2 homework map

Autumn 2 week 7 and 8


The last two weeks we have been super busy, we have enjoyed all the festivities in school. 


In literacy we have finished our story "The perfect Christmas tree". We have completed lots of activities around the story including, decorating trees and putting the characters on from the story. In phonics we have matched the j, v, x, y CVC word baubles to the Christmas trees and the rest of us have looked at object sound bags and mark made in the snowy sand. 


In maths we explored money by introducing coins to the Christmas piggy bank. Some of us looked at 1p and 2p and the rest of us looked at 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. In numicon we have made Santa's sleighs using the different numicon pieces. 


In topic we have been very crafty and have done lots of activities. We have made hot chocolate cones using cocoa, chocolate buttons and chocolate raisins. We had our very special Christmas lunch in the hall, we all did amazingly well sitting together and wearing our party hats. In cooking we have made melted snowman biscuits and chocolate shreddie Christmas Trees. In PSHE we have made our own snowman Christmas cards and in topic we explored sensory snow. 

On Thursday, we did our class Nativity and we were sheep. Miss Mason was very proud of how well we did walking on and off the stage and seeing some of our families. 


In your child's bag there is a Christmas craft wallet with all their craft creations and a Christmas gift from Miss Mason and the team. 


I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th January.


Have a lovely Christmas break and a Happy New Year Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason, Mrs Holland, Mrs Holding, Miss Iddon and Mr Harrison

Autumn 2 week 6 


This week we have finished off our topic for 'Follow the star'. We enjoyed finishing off our story 'The star in the jar'. We did some activities around the story including our colourful semantics building sentences such as 'The boy looked in the sky.' We could identify the character, what they were doing and where. In phonics this week some of us have worked on the sound 'e' and the rest of us 'w and x'. We have used the 'e' sound bag to explore different items beginning with the sound 'e' and practiced mark making the letters. We used the 'w and x' Christmas trees to find baubles containing those letters and we also wrote CVC words on stars containing those sounds. In maths this week we have looked at quantities within a number through matching a quantity of cubes to the numeral number. We have also enjoyed looking at Christmas counting songs. 


In topic this week we prepared our wooden baubles to sell on our Christmas Fair stall. We were very careful and took care when using different coloured paints, we sold 9 baubles and the rest we are going to bring home to put on our trees. On Tuesday in class cafe, we made our stained glass star window biscuits. Our focus skill this week was rolling the dough, we rolled the biscuit dough and then used two different shape cutters, circle and a star in the middle, we then added a sweet to melt in the middle to make the coloured window effect. They turned out beautifully and tasted yummy. On Wednesday, we made our headbands for our nativity show, we are being sheep. On Thursday, in forest school with Mrs Birtwell, we learnt about keeping safe around a bonfire/ fire pit and in topic we elf'd ourselves and practiced using our cutting skills to cut different items of clothing to make our elf picture with our faces! On Friday with Mrs Birtwell we did messy play using paint sticks and ink stampers to make our own Christmas wreaths.


Next week we are going to start our Christmas craft afternoons linking to our final Christmas topic. 


smileyOur star of the week is Levismiley


Have a lovely weekend Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason & the team. 

Autumn 2 week 5 


What another lovely week we have had in Morpurgo Class! 


This week we have started our new topic 'Follow the star' and our focus story for the next two weeks is 'A star in the jar'. We have done some activities around the story including looking at shooting star pictures and using communication boards to describe the pictures and the rest of us made short sentences and captions about the picture. Later in the week we did our colourful semantics work, building sentences like 'the boy found a star outside'. We all worked really hard on this activity. In phonics this week we have worked on the 'k' sound and the rest of us wrote CVC words on the stars.


In maths this week, we have continued working on the concept with 'one more' in numicon. We have used playdough to place the amount in the holes of the numicon to show true representation of the concept. We also did this but using coloured bears to make sure we really consolidated this skill. Next week, we are going to start looking at one less with lots of real life resources to help us. 


In topic this week we have had lots of fun. On Monday, in science we looked at shadows of the stars and could use a light source to do that, we enjoyed looking at shadows using our bodies such as our arms and hands. On Tuesday, we designed our coloured window star pictures in preparation to make our stained-glass window biscuits next week. On Wednesday we enjoyed our weekly swimming lesson and on Thursday in outdoor learning we looked at the frost and learnt about what it feels like and what we need to wear to keep ourselves warm in the winter months. In the afternoon in PSHE we made our dream jars and chose what dreams we want such as to feel safe, have friends and to play. On Friday we have had a very special visitor come to join us - the class elf who will be with us throughout December. In topic we used different art media to create our own yellow stars. 


In the next few weeks we have lots of exciting things going on around school involving Christmas, including our Christmas fair, our class stall is going to be bauble decorations which we are going to decorate ourselves. 


smileyOur star of week goes to Johnsmiley


Have a super weekend Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason & the team. 

Autumn 2 week 4


What another busy week we have had in Morpurgo Class. 

This week we have been finishing off our topic 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom', we have loved this topic, we have learnt lots of new things about planets and astronauts! 


In literacy we continued with our story 'Whatever next!'. We did some more activities around the story, including dressing the baby bear to go to space. We learnt about different things he might wear for example, moon boots, spacesuit and helmet. We all could name the items of clothes and some of us wrote captions to match the items. Later in the week, we did our colour semantics work, making our own sentence about the story 'Baby bear found a space helmet in the kitchen', some of us recognised that this sentence was in the story! In phonics this week, some of us have been looking at the sound 'c' and the rest of us have been doing CVC word building and writing. On Friday, we did space writing in the sand and some of us wrote on the rocket to go to the moon! 


In maths this week, we have continued looking at our numicon and the concept of one more of a given number, this is quite a tricky concept, but we all tried hard. Some activities we have done are using numicon, pegs and a number line to find out one more. We also used numicon visual cards on another activity to help us consolidate this skill. We will continue looking at the concept 'one more' next week. 


In topic this week, we have made our own astronauts using tin foil and recognising our own faces. On Tuesday in class cafe we made rocket pizzas using wraps and we put cheese slices stars on for the rocket windows. On Wednesday we enjoyed our swimming lesson and on Thursday in forest school, we did a welly walk to collect some leaves and we drew round them to look at the different shapes. On Friday, we used symbols to communicate what we would take to space and some us talked about how we would need oxygen to go up to space. Look at our space display outside our classroom, Miss Mason is very proud of it!


smileyOur star of the week is John and our cooking award goes to Ibrahimsmiley


Have a fantastic weekend Morpurgo Class 


Miss Mason & the team

Autumn 2 week 3


We've had another lovely week in Morpurgo Class. 


We've loved the first week of our new topic 'Zoom, Zoom Zoom'. In literacy this week we have been reading the story 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy. We have done lots of activities around the story including looking at a space scene and making sentences and giving descriptions about the scene. Some of us said 'the rocket landed on the moon', 'the astronaut floated in space', 'There are planets in space'. Some of us pointed to key points on the space picture such as 'rocket, planet and astronaut'. Miss Mason was very impressed with our hard work. On Tuesday we enjoyed Attention Autism with Mrs Holland, we sat for up to 10 minutes and could wait for lots of exciting items to come out of the bucket! On Wednesday we made our colourful semantics sentences with 'who, what and where'. On Thursday in phonics some of us did CVC word building and the rest of us explored 'g' objects in the sensory phonics bag. On Friday, some of us wrote cvc words on the moon and the rest of practiced writing 'g' in the sand. 


In numicon maths this week, we have had lots of fun. We have looked at the numicon shapes in more detail and could match the number of coloured dots to each numicon piece, some of us did this to 5 and up to 10. On Tuesday, we made our own numicon rockets and used certain numicon pieces to make each part of the rocket, all of them were very unique. We've also enjoyed various space counting songs this week, including 5 little men in a flying saucer and space rocket ship blast off song. 


In topic this week, we have been very busy. On Monday we decorated our planets and could communicate using a choice board to which planet we wanted to paint. On Tuesday we enjoyed PE in the hall, climbing over a variety of equipment such as benches, monkey bars and coloured spots. On Wednesday, we enjoyed our weekly swimming lesson, we are fantastic and confident in the water. On Thursday and Friday we celebrated two birthday's, Maddison's on Thursday and Mrs Holland's on Friday and in communication we practiced makaton songs with singing hands linking to space and decorated our own Pudsey's for Children In Need. 


smileyOur star of the week is Fread for fantastic engagement in his reading, our PE award goes to Aiza for being confident at following instructions when using the PE equipment. smiley


Please find below the homework mindmap for our new topic, this will also be posted on Seesaw, I look forward to seeing what you get up to at home. 


Have a super weekend Morpurgo Class. 


Miss Mason & the team. 

Autumn 2 week 3 Homework

Autumn 2 week 2


What another fantastic week we've had in Morpurgo Class! 


In literacy this week we have finished looking at our focus story 'Don't put your finger in the Jelly Nelly' and we have also been looking at bonfire night and fireworks. In literacy we completed activities including our colourful semantics on bonfire night. Some of us built some lovely sentences about bonfire night saying 'The girl is holding a sparkler', 'people watch the bonfire', 'fireworks and moon' and 'I watch bang'. The rest of us pointed to items from the picture on the communication board including 'moon' and 'bonfire'. Later in the week we completed our second colourful semantics linking to our story with 'who, what and where'. In phonics we did some CVC firework themed word building and the rest of us did firework mark making in the sand. 


In maths this week we have been carrying on with the activity cards in our numicon curriculum. We completed activities focusing on repeated patterns using numicon. We completed a cut and stick activity matching which numicon pattern came next linking to colour and number. The rest of us did numicon pattern making up to 5. We also started to look at numcion patterns by adding a repeated number, i.e. numcion 1+1 = 2. The rest of us did bigger numbers up to 15-20 looking at 10 + 1 = 11, 10 + 2 = 12 and  beginning to recognise the pattern of each numicon piece getting bigger. 


In topic this week we have had lots of fun getting creative. On Monday we made our own firework pictures using straws to blow the paint across the page, we enjoyed watching the paint go across the page to make our own design, we had to follow the instruction of when to blow through the straw! On Tuesday, in class cafe we made our own chocolate sparklers by using breadsticks, melted chocolate and sprinkles. We enjoyed dipping and eating them! On Wednesday we had a super time swimming, some of us went in the deep end with the swimming teacher. On Thursday, we went to the cinema as part of community visits and watched the Paw Patrol movie, we all did so well and showed good listening skills when walking to and from the coach. On Friday, we watched a video about Remembrance day, some of us talked about how the rabbit 'felt scared' and then he felt 'happy when the sun and Poppies came out. We then decorated our own poppies using tissue paper. 


smileyOur pupil of the week goes to Maddison & our topic award goes to Sami.smiley


Have a lovely weekend Morpurgo Class, next week we'll be starting our new topic 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.'


Miss Mason & the team.