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Welcome to Applebee Wood Music

Music is a big part of life at Applebee Wood. Learners from Reception to Yr 9 get weekly Music lessons. All Children are offered the opportunity to test their performance skills. For Primary students this happens in the Christmas Nativity. Secondary pupils get to perform in the A-Factor. Applebee Wood's version of the X-Factor.


We also have access to the Lancashire Music Service. This give us the chance to have live performers come into school. It also offers senior pupils the opportunity to have outside tuition on musical instruments, free of charge!


Scroll for pictures of a Lancashire Music Service Samba Drumming Session.

Music At Applebee Wood

Our approach to music:


At Applebee Wood, we aim to make music as enjoyable and exciting as possible for our pupils of all ages and abilities. We aim to incorporate music throughout the curriculum e.g. starting the primary science lessons with a topic related science song. We endeavour to give the pupils a wide range of opportunities to perform throughout the year.



We provide a broad and balanced curriculum based on The Lancashire Music Hub Scheme, Charanga for Primary, year 7 and 8. In year 9, the pupils follow the ASDAN Expressive Arts Award. We have visiting musicians in school whenever possible. All pupils sing in assembly once a week. The primary pupils perform a Nativity Play at Christmas and all the pupils are encouraged to take part in this. The senior pupils are given the opportunity to perform in the A Factor at Christmas. The pupils look forward to and practice for this all year! We also offer brass lessons to a small number of pupils. For the pupils who may be more reluctant with music, we use iPad apps and electric drum kits.



The pupils gain a huge amount of confidence and self-esteem through the music lessons. Pupils who are initially too shy to join in, often can’t help themselves after a short time when they realise they aren’t going to be judged by ability. The music lessons are designed to be enjoyable and the majority of pupils really look forward to them. In the M Factor this year, the senior department are singing and signing “You’re the voice.”


Early Years Foundation Stage:

Some of our younger pupils are non-verbal. However, they still have a love of music and respond really well to the lessons. One of our non-verbal pupils can “sing” several songs which can be clearly recognised from the tune. The lessons across the curriculum incorporate a lot of songs and music.


Primary Department:

The music lessons in the primary department are mainly practical. The children are given the opportunity to play a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments and to sing a variety of songs. Glockenspiels are an important part of the curriculum. The Nativity Play is often a highlight of the year for the pupils.


Senior Department:

The curriculum in the senior department builds on what has been learned in primary. The pupils are also given the opportunity to learn to play recorders, keyboards and ocarinas. The ASDAN course in year 9 enables the pupils to gain credits towards their Personal Development Programme.




From September 2021, Applebee Wood School has offered a semi-formal and Sensory curriculum to multiple classes. Music forms an integral part of the curriculum for these pupils. These learns are taught the SEND Scheme on Charanga. The pupils are encouraged to sing on a regular basis. Musical activities are available to the pupils throughout the day e.g. piano mat, klacks box, iPad activities. The pupils are also given the opportunity to play a selection of musical instruments regularly e.g. Boomwhackers, electronic drum kits.



To tie together the Formal Semi –Formal and Sensory Curriculums, Applebee Wood has designed a bespoke personalised curriculum centring on three interlinking pathways.


These pathways are:


Reaching Out - A sensory curriculum for life and learning Pupils with multiple complex needs learn through consistent routines, sensory experiences and interaction with adults.


Stepping On - An exploratory curriculum for life and learning. Pupils learn through play, exploration, practical activities and community involvement.

Climbing Up - An academic curriculum for life and learning with provision for pupils’ specialist needs. Pupils access the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, adapted and augmented in the light of individual needs


These pathways will allow children to access bespoke learning to allow them to progress in, enjoy and experience music